Saturday, July 16, 2005

My Favourite Browser

Behold! Here is a summary of my personal ranking on latest browsers:

#1 - Safari
#2 - Firefox
#3 - Netscape/Mozilla
#4 - Internet Explorer

Safari is only available on Apple Mac OS platforms. It has been my favourite web browser since I got my Powerbook. Fast, simple interface and powerful. Of course, the other reason is that it distinguish itself from the other browsers that PC users have been used to. I rank it #1 in terms of frequency of use

Firefox is a close favourite. It works well with both Mac and PC platforms. What I like about it is its easy way to add extensions and themes. At the same time, it remembers very well web inputs and I like especially the tabbed browsing feature. The first time I used it, I was sold. All my family members have migrated away from the Microsoft IE.

Netscape/Mozilla is another good browser, though not as good as the top 2. The latest Netscape 8.02 is promising as it allows users to open all windows in tabbed format, something that the other Mozilla based browsers did not do as well.

Finally the old IE still stuck at version 6.0 Of course it is partially upgraded when you install the MSN toolbar which makes it a little more clunky, like wearing a face mask on a permanent basis. Hopefully this will be improved when they release version 7.0

So here it is, my initial take on Internet browsers.


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