Friday, September 02, 2005

Intellectualism a bad word?

"The opposite of Intellectualism is Ignorance"

Sometimes, when we try to discuss things and concepts in greater detail, we get slapped with the word "Intellectualism", the latter word often used in a perjorative way. In sermons or discussions, when we fail to understand what was spoken, we merely dismissed the whole attempt as an exercise in Intellectual engagement which does not result in any good practical help at all. "Above the head"; "Too chim (deep)"; "Catch no ball"; "cannot understand" are feedback which the speaker will need to take very seriously. The use of heavy sounding words have to be explained adequately, and after explaining it, it has to be used with lots of examples to illustrate the meaning. The sermon, the message or the speech when seen from an educational view, will certainly help increase one's vocabulary and eventually knowledge for all to edify and be edified.

Suppose we were to see Intellectualism as a bad word, the opposite will certainly be worse. Would one rather be ignorant or being called an intellectual? I guess most people will prefer the intellectual path. There are certain words that is more difficult to understand, but that does not mean it is wrong to use these words. The problem often lies in the understanding between the speaker and the audience; the preacher and the congregation.

Hearers, see each difficult word as an opportunity to learn. Speakers, see each accusation of Intellectualism as a chance to explain, teach and clarify.


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