Friday, September 09, 2005

What to Preach?

So many things to preach about but how to decide which? That is a strange dilemma. Actually not that strange as after answering the question of 'what to preach', there is another question about what about the "WHAT TO PREACH" am I to preach about. (Get it?)

October 16 is the day. Stay tuned. Any suggestions, let me know. I am open to the Lord to guide and preach to me first before I do.


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Joseph Lim said...

Preach about the un-deserving grace God have for men and you.The un-marinaded favour God has for men and your family. About how a Creator died for His creation because of His Love for men. How through one man's disobedience sin enter the world and through another Man's obedience many will be made rightous. As it is a free gift given to all who receive it. A gift needs to be received to complete the act of the giver or the receiver will never know of the gift.

Just like when a debtor had all his debt paid my a friend but not aware of the fact that the debt had been paid will still be living in a life full of fear from his creditors. But the fact remains that the debt had been cancelled whether the person wants to accept the fact is all up to him.

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