Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sharing Large Files Online

The rain is back. The cold is back. Winter is falling in slowly and surely. As most of us will be indoors, one of the most popular indoor activities in computing, Internet and of course online activities.

Here are some good resources for those who find a hassle to email large files, especially when email systems limit attachment sizes and mailbox sizes. Some executable files are even banned from file attachments. The following are some I have found and suggest them according to the file size limit. What they do is to allow uploading of the BIG file to a file server, followed by a short email link. The recipient can then download (mostly within 7 days) the BIG file at leisure. Check them out.

1) (up to 1.5GB)
2) (up to 1GB)
3) (up to 250MB)
4) (up to 100MB)
5) (up to 50MB)


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