Friday, February 03, 2006

Big Game and Prayer for the World

Tomorrow's the big game.

Not Superbowl for me. Not ice hockey for me.

It is the match of the month. Chelsea vs Liverpool!

Guess who I will be rooting for? I will be rooting for two teams. That the home team will fumble and the team with Fowler and Gerrard will hit home with more than 1 goal. But the match will not be covered on a Sunday (grrrr!). That's the thing about Canada. More coverage on superbowls and ice-hockey but soccer? Guess even if Canada wins the soccer world cup, soccer is not going to be a popular sport anyhow.

Saturday's Prayer for the World event is an all-nighter. Beginning from 9PM to midnight, with prayer for a country every hour, it is a great way to start the year with a focus of missional outreach that recognizes only God can change the world. More information can be found here-> []


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