Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Familiar Story

It is an increasingly familiar story. The better team lost. They did most things right, but failed in what that really matter: "Finishing"

Rafa has got a lot to think and work through. Look at the statistics. Starting with a 4-5-1 lineup, it is clear from the start what Rafa thought about the finishing. Since most of the goals has been scored from midfield, Rafa might have thought that beefing up the midfield is a better idea. Perhaps, the reason why goals has been scored from midfield is because the strikers like Crouch has helped distract the opposing defences. Better to stick to a 4-3-3 like Chelsea, or even a 3-4-3.

It is not because Chelsea is a better team, but Liverpool still have some work to do to sharpen their finishing skills. Still it is considered a 50-50 event, where the teams are so tightly matched that goals could have gone either way. Chelsea is not invincible. They are a beatable team, but only if Liverpool can perform on all departments.


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