Saturday, February 18, 2006

Liverpool Does It!

Now, that's more like it. After 85 years, Liverpool finally beat Man Utd in an FA Cup match. Crouch scored again in a game that really matters, after a long goal drought. Even Ferguson agreed that his team could not penetrate Liverpool's resolute defense. Congrats Rafa. Well done team! Rejoice scouser fans. Let's get ready for Wednesday's big game with Benfica. [how do you like my scorecard graphic?]

One thing about living in Vancouver is the lack of TV coverage on soccer ('football' here refer to the oval shaped ball game). The other soccer-friendly places are pretty far for me to go to. One of them is the Library Pub cafe downtime at W Georgia which charges a whopping $24.95 per game. If any of you know any soccer cafe or pub in Vancouver near to UBC, let me know, especially when the world cup is round the corner.


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