Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oh Boy, The Media

Sometimes it is hard to understand why the press delights in adding fuel to fire. Now that demonstrations are taking place all over the world about the cartoon caricatures, we have been mostly focused on the West and the Muslim world.

As I begin to notice the way the media is covering the event, apparently it is being used like a body which breeds the virus. Major media tends to cover 'news-worthy' events like violent demonstrations by a minority of people. It is making things look like the WHOLE Muslim world is aflame, or the WHOLE of Denmark is against Islam, or the ENTIRE Western press is at fault when it is only the few vocal minority that is causing all the violence, and also a few mischievous Danish and French press that continues their mischief by RE-printing the offensive cartoons.

This caused us to look at the ethics of news publication. It is one thing to publish the news and say people have a right to know. It is yet another to blindly cover sensational events. I wonder if the situation will be different if these same media covers acts of peace and reconciliation MORE than any other violent events.

I suppose the evergreen saying is still correct: "No news is indeed good news."


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