Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Regent "Taste of the World 2006"

Welcome to Taste of the World 2006! Posted by Picasa

Proudly Malaysian. Alas, no other flags or posters were available at the table. Would have been nice to have more posters of the other South East Asian countries. Posted by Picasa

The Malaysian posters and flag prominent at the South-East Asian table. Malaysia Boleh! Posted by Picasa

BEFORE THE EVENT: This Year's Specialty: Hot-pot combo with a choice of TomYum, chicken or vegetable stock. Posted by Picasa

Bowls of hotpot noodles piling up almost like Mt Kinabalu. Posted by Picasa

Nuts and Kachang Puteh on the other end of the table . Some people worked hard, some give directions, some supervise while others simply try to peep into boxes of goodies like a child opening Christmas presents.Posted by Picasa

No singing, no eating. "I'm singing for my food, everywhere I go". Posted by Picasa

Saying grace before the start of the event Posted by Picasa

THE USA table. Long queues too. Full buffet indeed. Posted by Picasa

The Latin American singing event Posted by Picasa

A side view of the packed Chapel. Posted by Picasa

Lots of different choices. Makes choosing which bowl a difficult choice. Posted by Picasa

The Swiss table is empty by now. No more food. Posted by Picasa

So the event came and went. The memories for many of us stayed. It would have been nice if the SEA group have organized an item for everyone. Heard that the highlight was the Korean item. Anyway, I only had one response for the Entertainment item. Even that one response say 'might not be coming.' Guess this year, we just focus on food and makan lah! Let's see what happens for 2007!

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Mattithyahu said...

It looks like it was a great event Conrade! I wish I could have made it out.

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