Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ten Things I Dislike about life @ Regent College

In alphabetical order,

1) EXPENSIVE photocopying [esp when journals cannot be checked out]

2) LACK of chairs and tables in the atrium

3) MICROWAVESplutter [people who do not clean up after their food splutters all over the microwave interior]

4) NOISE in the construction [esp when attending lectures in chapel]

5) PEOPLE who do not clear up their mess after spilling or eating

6) PRAYER room being used for other events other than prayer

7) RISING tuition fees

8) TABLE/Chair Monopoly [When one person uses 2 tables and 4 chairs!]

9) UNSAFE to leave things lying around in the building esp laptops

10) UNWASHED Dishes in the Sink

Rank them if you dare! I will be coming up with another list on things I like about life at Regent. Stay tuned.



Just Wandering said...

Good list Conrad!

Mattithyahu said...

Heh, I think you need a break Conrade! :)


PEW said...

Good one there.

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