Friday, June 23, 2006

Another Quote from Barbara Brown Taylor

Another of my favourites. A gentle reminder that those of us seeking to be ministers of the Word to beware, that we take time to feed, to drink and to eat, and to do them well.

"We are people too, after all. We get hungry too, and some of us are starving. The problem is that nourishing words are so hard to find—words with no razor blades in them, words with no chemical additives. Most of the words offered to us have been chewed so many times there are no nutrients left in them, or else they have been left uncovered on some shelf until they are too hard to bite into. Meanwhile, people look at us with hungry eyes. . . . They do not know how many of us are down to our last handful of meal, our last tablespoon of oil. They do not know that we cannot give them more than we get." (Barbara Brown Taylor, When God is Silent, 23-24)


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