Thursday, June 29, 2006

Kids Holidays Begin

Summer holidays are here? Not exactly. School holidays are here is more accurate. Now us parents will need to scratch our head how to keep them occupied for the next 2.5 months, that is assuming the teachers do not strike again in September.

Maybe we'll watch TV...(no, it will affect their creative moods)
Maybe we'll bring them out. . .(no, it might cost lots of money over time)
Maybe we'll let them invite their friends over. . .(no, that'll mean more housework)
Maybe we'll feed them more...(no they will grow fat and it will cost us)
Maybe we'll bring them to library. . .(no, they'll get bored fast)
Maybe we'll just let them play with themselves. . .(no, then they'll fight)
Maybe we'll make them study. . .(no, they'll complain it's holidays.)
Maybe, we do not know what to dooooooooooo.


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