Friday, July 21, 2006

Contemplative Prayer begets service which begets Praying in Contemplative Love

This past 24 hours, I have been touched by the need to go to God in prayer, from the start, the during and the end. Several people have touched me with their love and concern for the needy. Through self-sacrificial service and having a heart to reach out to the unfortunate and needy, they gave of themselves in love and service in the name of the Lord. The quote below is an acknowledgment of their service.

"For in the silence of the heart God will speak. Give Jesus these five silences as a token of your gratitude. You will never learn to pray until you keep silence.
- The fruit of silence is faith
- The fruit of faith is prayer
- The fruit of prayer is love
- The fruit of love is service
- The fruit of service is silence." (Mother Teresa)

In the midst of this desire to serve, it is timely to remind one and all, that whatever we do, we not only do it for Christ. We do not forget that Christ desires more, not from what we do, but our presence and our person with Him. Would Christ die for us just that we can do good works? No! Christ died for us that we can have a relationship with Him again. Eternal bliss.


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