Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A dream wrt Regent College

Today I worked in the library for about 2 hours, doing regular maintenance of the computers. Someone shared with me a dream about driving his motorcycle into a gas station, welcomed by a group of eager school boys. These boys appeared skilled and ready to take apart anything. After he paid for the gas inside the store, he found his motorcycle all fully taken apart and no one knows how to put it back. He shared with me that somehow he felt the whole dream was about Regent College.

The boys at the petrol kiosk = Professors at Regent
The motorcycle = Regent students
The taking apart of the motorcycle = the taking apart of the theological precepts of students.

I thought that is an insightful reflection of theological training. Many people thought that studying theology is a way to help them find the answers to life. Little did they know that the more one studies, the more one uncovers greater questions. In fact, one may discover there are more that one does not know than ever perceived.

I have been thinking about this a lot, especially the part about taking things apart and not being able to put it back together again. Sometimes, theological students get trained so well in analyzing the verse and Bible, that after breaking them down into simpler parts, we stumble to put them back together in a meaningful manner. Moreover, theological education is dangerous if the mind is not matured. Worse, there are students coming into theology as if theology is the answer to all their spiritual puzzles.

May the Lord continue to show theological students and academics, that it is not the theological infrastructure nor the efforts spent in studying the Word that matters. It is still the Holy Spirit that illuminates every tittle and every dot. It is still the Holy Spirit that guides and prepares our hearts for the seed of the Word. It is only the Holy Spirit that shows us that the purpose of all study is to lead us to God. Any study of the Word that does not lead us towards God in Christ, we must beware!


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sidduandheather said...

Thanx for the reminder! I don't know abt Regent, but, sometimes (theologians) we lose focus trying to brk things down we forget how to put back together!

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