Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fifa World Cup 2006 - an anticlimax

Today is another shocker.

Host Germany is knocked out 2-0 by Italy. Without Argentina, Brazil, England and now Germany, the FIFA World Cup Soccer appears less colourful as before. After all the initial euphoria, the samba flamboyance of the South Americans, the delight cum colour of exciting Africans, the hard-working Asians, and the ever popular England with Spain and Germany have now given way to a few unfancied countries. Italy is of course the strongest contender for the World Cup now, seeing how they played against Germany. France will be the next. The biggest surprise no doubt will be Portugal.

Somehow, without Brazil, Argentina or Germany in the finals, I am wondering if I should even watch the final game live this Sunday? Maybe I will ask my pastor for permission to watch the game, which starts 1030AM on Sunday morning here.


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