Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sad Day for Brazil, for England

It is a sad day. Both teams I had hoped will go through to the semi-finals are out, on the same day. First, England bungled and did not play well. Rooney did a stupid push on his fellow Man-Utd club mate, Christiano Ronaldo and got a red card. That changed the whole England game. The penalties was the heartbreaker. Lampard was a goner for sure. He had wasted more opportunities to score than any other England player, so when he walked up to take the penalty, I know he will miss. What was unexpected was both Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher missed too! England deserve to go out.

Brazil was another unfortunate case. They were basically a shadow of their former selves. World Cup 2006 does not belong to either England or Brazil. So now 4 teams remain. I will pick Germany to go through. Firstly because of their home ground advantage. Secondly, I think they play fair soccer. Finally, none of the other three teams fancy me at all. It used to be Italy, but seeing how they play-act, I think the team that wins by pure skills and honest sportsmanship should win.


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