Sunday, August 20, 2006

Free online Word Processor

One of the best online features is to have an online word processor available on the Internet. You can type an essay, leave it on the net and edit it later. You can also collaborate with a few others in writing an article. You can use it as a repository of documents. Here it is: Google Writely! Check it out. It is cool. All is needed is an email address to register.

Unlimited storage online but each document is a maximum 500KB in size as of today. Read the review here.


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YAPdates said...

For those of you who have huge Word documents to edit, you might want to try out ZohoWrite. It's not bad. Unlimited storage as well as file size. For now, it beats Writely which limits one's documents to only 500KB. All it takes is one picture attachment to breach the limit.

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