Friday, August 11, 2006

Of Stress and Many Distractions

This Summer is uniquely stressful.

I have 3 exams to take, 3 papers to write, and 3 book reviews. That is the problem of me trying to do so many classes despite taking on a lower credit requirement per course. With noisy kids and loud construction noises all around, the stress that comes from the work to do can be a potent combination for quick temper and frustration.

But wait. I was reminded of the sermon I preached 2 sundays ago, "Martha Martha, you are distracted and worried by many things. Only one thing is necessary and Mary has chosen the better part."

Yes. The secret to tackling distraction is to not simply to work on one thing. It is also not doing 'one thing at a time.' It is most importantly, whatever I do, I am mindful of the Holy Spirit leading me in my thoughts, Word and deed. If whatever I am doing can bring glory to God most directly, that I should do first.

So I am going to hug my wife now.


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