Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend @ The PNE

So we finally went to the PNE, Greater Vancouver's so called 'Best entertainment in Canada." Well, we did not go because it is best. We went because the entrance fee was free. Without the free passes, it would have set us back by at least 60CAD for the whole family. Yet, in spite of this initial savings, we still spent about 100CAD for the rides, monster cotton candy and popcorn. More than 92000 people turned up on the opening day (19 Aug 2006).

We were toying between buying the expensive fare passes for all vs buying individual coupons for rides which limits our number of rides but cheaper fares upfront. After seeing the immense crowds and queues, we decided against buying the passes as multiple rides require multiple queues. So the two older kids went for rides on the Roller Coaster, the Cockscrew, Hell's Gate, the Inverter and the Enterprise. My wife took the little one for a reduced fare pass which enabled one parent to ride for free. My wife is simply brilliant with her sums. I couldn't have thought of that. I reminisced on the times my dad brought me on the roller coaster rides. It was fun then. Now the fun is to watch my kids enjoying themselves. More importantly, I enjoyed seeing how the older brother and sister accompanying and caring for each other. This building up of brother sister relationship is more uniquely developed without the parent around. Though the roller coaster ride takes about 90 seconds, I think the memories collected will last much more than that. Pictures later.

Did we do anything together then? On Sunday, we build little trenches on the beach. Life lessons on simple pleasures.


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