Friday, September 29, 2006

Church a Self-Satisfaction Enterprise?

People know how to claim to come to Church to worship God. Many say they live by faith, and that nothing is more important than knowing God's Word.

What about churches that has the situation of having Marriage Enrichment classes that are full, while those dealing with inner city projects, missionary focus and prayer meetings are in danger of being scrapped due to lack of interest!

A famous preacher even confessed that contrary to popular saying, adult Bible studies are not well attended, resulting in it being terminated in favour of other more 'popular' sessions like marriage, seminars on time and stress management, Da Vinci code and various things related to self fulfilment.

What kind of a Church are we dealing with? Maybe we can start calling them Community Centers instead. It seems to me that there are people who are itching all over but are being rubbed on the wrong side! Or people wanting to satisfy a deep internal felt need, but under the guise of an externally presentable platform of 'going to church.' Best of both worlds situation? Nope. That is the worst of both worlds.

In the first case, it is worse because self-fulfilling is never possible. They will always thirst. (John 4:13).

In the second, the Christian faith is either all or none, never half and a half. how can one put his hand in the plow and look back? (Luke 9:62)


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