Thursday, September 21, 2006

An interesting Blog Opinion

Came across this blog from a Singaporean who have lived in Canada. Let me know what you think.


solitude said...

hey kian seng. serena here (if you still remember me. :P) anw, just to let you know, i know this girl personally, heh. since secondary school in fact and she's studying in the same faculty with me too. comments? i don't know. you really need to know the totality of her make-up to understand why she feels the way she feels.

YAPdates said...

Hi Serena,

I remember you. Good to have you visiting my blogsite.

Context frequently interprets one's lifestyle and behaviour. If life's pleasantries occurs during a person's most impressionable phase of life, there is always a tendency to use that as a benchmark against other situations.

If one has tasted honey and liked it, it will become a new benchmark for sweetness. If one has tasted bittergourd and disliked it, it will become the standard for bitterness.

The maturing process will only come, when we are able to see that life is a series of sweetness and bitterness in various proportions under the category of taste. For some, it is less than desirable. For many, it is far better than to lose the gift of taste altogether.


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