Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Crazy October but . . .

Next week is Reading week. Know what that means?

For some it is catchup week, while others, it meant a break from studies and go for a trip one has always wanted to make. Yet the name is fairly deceiving. Reading Week eh?

Next week, I hope to be able to read what is on God's mind. I have been more conscious of the Lord this year, perhaps I know my Regent sojourn will soon come to an end. Nevertheless, there are papers to write. I handed in one for the Conversion/Transformation class I had, and one more is due this Thursday for the Systematic Theology C.

Yet in the busyness, the cold weather, the wet Vancouver rains, I cannot resist noticing the beautiful blue sky, forming a backdrop behind trees of golden yellow/orange leaves as I walked to Regent. It is pure therapeutic. It is a pity to miss the nature in the midst of busyness. I was glad I did not miss the clear sky and everything blue. Makes me delight in the Lord.


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Joy Morris said...

thanks for the timely reminder.

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