Thursday, October 12, 2006

Warwick Business School

The latest MBA rankings from the Economist's acclaimed Which MBA? is out. It ranks the top 100 Universities offering MBA, through a ranking methodology. After all these years, we all know that these rankings are heavily marketed by the various Universities, as the MBA market is a very lucrative one. While we may question its actual effectiveness, the general rule is that the higher the rank, the more the attraction for good students. European MBAs may not dominate the top 10, but they sure dominate the higher level of earnings, as well as the diversity of recruiters as European MBAs are generally older and more experienced in the business world, compared to the younger US MBA graduates.

Warwick Business School remains at the upper half. Consistent indeed. It makes me feel good.


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Chris Tan said...

Hi Conrade, is so good to hear from you again and wow...what a blog! nicely done. Am very proud of being a Warwick Grad, though I must say their marketing in Singapore is still pretty weak. Recently, they did a negative PR job in Singapore...pulling out the building of a Warwick Uni. The Good Times Uni Guide ranked Warwick 3rd in Biz in UK. Hey...stay in touch!

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