Sunday, December 31, 2006

Have a Great 2007!

To all my faithful blog readers,

I preached a year end sermon on the Parable of the Sower. Anchoring on the need to let the word of God grow in our lives, I list a couple of potential distractions that may choke the growth of the word. It is based on Thomas Oden's perceptive insights on the three basic human problems: Guilt, Anxiety and Boredom.

That when we look back through the year, we should not be bogged down with guilt, like asking all sorts of IF ONLY _______ questions, about things we should/should not have done, and feeling regretful about doing/not doing it. Neither should we be fearful of the coming year, even though some have said 2007 may be more uncertain than any other years. Looking forward may result in anxiety of asking WHAT IF_______ questions. With regards to the present conditions of our lives, some may start to be skeptical and become bored with life. They may also start to ask SO WHAT____ kind of questions, which can affect the growth of the word. A skeptical heart does not nourish faith.

Instead, we can give thanks for the past year, to recognize that God understands us, and will forgive us our weaknesses, as we forgive those who sin against us. God is also pressing ahead of us, to prepare the path for us. So let us not be bogged down by IF ONLY, or WHAT IF possibilities. Look back the year and give thanks. Look forward the next year and put on hope. As for boredom, we need to persevere in faithfulness, which is the best cure for boredom. Serve people rather than only surfing the internet. People who are regularly serving others, rarely complain about boredom. It is those who are too preoccupied with self, that always complain bored.

"Behold, the sower went out to sow." May the soil of our lives be ever ready to let the word of God grow in our hearts and lives.

Have a great and wonderful year ahead.



Joy Morris said...

Thanks. Your list of three (or Oden's (sp?)) is helpful way of detecting harmful thought patterns.

YAPdates said...

Thanks. A number of people from my church also appreciated my sermon. I thought I did not deliver it well due to my cold. Strange to see how God works through weaknesses.


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