Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Blackout at Regent

Today's class on Pastoral Care literally led us to a dark tunnel in a dark room. We were talking about becoming as lights shining in a world of darkness. Giving care is something we need to constantly do as a community. It has to be done in a humble manner, and yet remain biblical and theologically sound. Then came the college building blackout. All that remains are laptop computers running on batteries.

Strange, the professor was talking about many people facing the darkness of hopelessness. All of us stayed in the lecture room for an additional half hour, in the dark! My mind was racing to see how the literal and the spiritual meaning of light shining in the darkness at work. Indeed, all of us are lights in every sense.

I walked home battling the cold wind and snow hailing. The sky is dark and the night is getting colder. Nice to think that a hot dinner is waiting for me back home. Praise God!

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