Monday, January 08, 2007

Never start class on Mondays

Today I receive a shocker. Winter term 2007 officially began today instead of next week. I have already planned out all the different things I had wanted to do this week, but alas, they have to be cancelled. Is it of my bad planning? Or is it another indication that my absent-mindedness is a result of me getting older?

I scanned the time table. Whew. My first class starts Tuesday, which is tomorrow. God had mercy on me. The moral of the story? Never start class on Mondays, if ever possible. Instead of trying to review five books for the next week, I will try to cramp them in one day!

I picked up the Spring/Summer 2007 brochure from Regent. Lots of great classes. Marva Dawn, Gordon Fee, Christopher Hall, Susan Phillips, and many others will be teaching. I am also contemplating whether to sign up for the uniquely Regent's "Education on a Sailing/Rowing Boat"? Mmmmmph. Tempting.


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