Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Opening the Next Chapter - Regent Library is Open!

"It will be opened in 5 mins time." said Rod Wilson, President of Regent College.

We all clapped and cheered. No more stressful wait for reference books and delays in writing our papers. Led by the library staff, all of us walked from the chapel and entered into a spanking new library. Just like the groundbreaking ceremony where we all sang the doxology last year, we sang the doxology in the new library together.

It was amusing to see students immediately checking out books like an eager beaver sifting through logs to find the best wood. The superlatives were plenty, described audibly in 'Wow', 'Superb', 'Fantastic', 'Wonderful', and visibly by some slouching on couches, sleeping on nice clean carpets and occupying the brand new cubicles. Many were visibly happy with the arrangement of desks and study tables. Every table comes with a power outlet as well!

The Regent-Carey Library is now open (30 Jan 2006 at 12PM), only the library. The wind tower and the rest of the new building is still not unveiled. Official opening will be sometime in Sep 2007. Stay tuned on this blog for photos later.

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