Monday, February 26, 2007

Camino web browser

Another web browser? For those of you who are Apple Mac OS users, you might want to consider switching to the Camino web browser. I have been using it and it is much more stable than the latest Firefox and even Safari, and of course a thousand times better than IE. My reasons are as follows:

- it is written in native Mac OS (means extremely tight integration with the OS)
- not as clunky as Firefox, especially when many windows/tabs are opened (FF slows down a lot)
- Camino is way most stable. It has not crashed on me (yet!)
- I like the annoyance blocking features (works well on many web sites)
- for those with slower CPUS, or smaller RAM on your Macs, Camino is as agile as a deer.

Camino can only get better. I tried upgrading to Firefox 2.0 and the FF browser crashed far too often. Camino is indeed a life saver. Sorry PC folks, this browser is strictly for Apple only.


1 comment:

Julio said...

Thanks for the Tip.
Once I get a good connection I will download Camino.
I didn't know about using it, but now that it has the Yap approval I will go for it.

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