Monday, February 26, 2007


I should have posted this earlier, but better late than never. The forty days prior to Easter is commonly known as the period of Lent. Day 1 is Ash Wednesday and this year began on 21 Feb 2007. During Lent, Christians will observe disciplines like fasting or giving up something for these forty days, in an effort to identify with the wilderness experience when Jesus went through. Some people I know will give up coffee/caffeine totally during this Lent, using the period as a reminder to live a holy life like Jesus.

Last Friday, I challenged a group of undergraduates to have a GUYS week (Give-Up-Your-Something) week. It could be giving up Internet usage for a week, cellphones or anything which we tend to use a lot during our normal week. How appropriate that Lent is also the period where we can actually give up something. For a start, I will be giving up Internet usage every Sunday. As the weeks go by, I will probably think of what other things to give up. Coffee is something which I am finding difficult to surrender. Need to pray.


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