Friday, February 16, 2007

Reading Week poem

Wearily stepping out of the room,
Anxious faces repel.
Smiles were all around,
Gleeful hearts, Stress unwound.

With each step the exhaustion creep,
Dreaming of the pillow to sleep.
My thalamus heavy after burning midnight oil,
Reminds the body 'Rest after the toil'.

The exam's over, the weekend's here
But something else delights for sure
One week of read or a week of play
Whatever it is, 'hurry' is not my way.

A student's life has its ups and downs
But today happy thoughts go downtown
Reading week has finally begun
Nothing is going to take away the fun!

This weekend is no ordinary kind,
A much bigger occasion occupies the mind
A quarter of the world will be celebrating,
To usher in the coming of Spring!

Happy Lunar (Chinese) New Year! (starts 18 Feb 2007)


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