Thursday, March 15, 2007

Regular electronic breaks a day keeps the addiction away

For my faithful blog readers,

As we become more connected via the Internet, and for some of us, the internet can become an addiction in itself. Hence we need a reminder to take either a computer-break or an internet break. Here are some helps.

1) Time Out software (for Mac OS 10.3 and higher)

2) Break Time (Windows)

Save that time for more meaningful activities like eat a chocolate or have an ice-cream. Hug your wife.



Just Wandering said...

Addiction! I'm so addicted to the internet :) Disturbing.

YAPdates said...

How can computers or the Internet speak to us? Is there a spirituality of NOT using the Internet? Is there something else we need to take note of, when there is a computer problem?

Sometimes instead of using our left brain of 'problem solving', listen. Our God speaks to us in very special ways. It could be a 'dying' hard disk, cranky keyboard or even a program that decides to run abnormally. Then we might want to consider turning on our left brain for contemplative and intuitive listening.

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