Friday, March 30, 2007

Thinking aloud from the Lavatory

Went to THINK coffee shop today to do some studying. Have not been there for more than a year. They have good wireless internet connection. One of the interesting features they have is the loo of free expression. On the four walls of the lavatory are blackboards that anyone can write their thoughts and ideas. A tray of chalks are conveniently located for anyone to use. Usually, toilet graffiti scribbled with nonsense and useless messages with sexual overtones. Not this cafe. Interestingly, looking at the quality of the written sentences, I figure out that due to the high percentage of tertiary students, the kind of messages do have a more 'scholarly' or 'philosophical' whining. Two quotes were particularly interesting. It is about the value of friends and relationships which we ought to take note of.

  1. A person becomes 'normal' to us, after we have taken the time and effort to know him/her at a deeper level. [on the superficiality of relationships]

  2. There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet. [on the need to connect and make friends]

Indeed, THINK cafe reflects its name and its ethos all the way to the lavatory. Incidentally, the cafe owner is a philosophy major! Highly recommended cafe.


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