Friday, June 29, 2007


These days, I have not been blogging as much as I am trying to decide what direction and for what purpose is this blogsite for. It started as a way for me to document and to share my experience here during my sojourn here in Vancouver. It has since grown to cover a lot of other areas including my hobbies, my reading experiences as well as my family highlights. I toggle between deciding what to share, what is sensitive and what is not, what deserves to be public and what is private. Often, making such decisions is not that simple. Take for example some event that I have been wanting to share, but because if I do not get into more specifics, in the interest of protecting the privacy of the people around me, the posting will lose a lot of contextual meaning.

I am not aiming for this blog to become famous. I am publicity-shy. I am not intending for this blog to eventually make money. I remain a skeptic on web-ad earnings on whether it brings more benefit to the author or the hosting services (more likely the hosting providers). I am not concerned about crusading for things like world peace, as I not Gandhi or Mother Teresa. This is simply a blog. A snapshot of my own journey in Vancouver. A frame in time to register some of the things I have learnt. A portrait of my spiritual pilgrimage that contains flaws, weaknesses, joys and ecstasy of what it means to be human. It captures moments of learning and reflection in the things God has enlightened me about. It helps me bridge the physical distance with good friends and family members far away, using technology to foster and cultivate a social and emotional warmth. It is effectively a window into the house of my life.

How should I re-align this blog? Should it be theme focused? Should it be a haphazard sharing of different happenings? Maybe, it should stay the way it is. Tell me.


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