Monday, October 15, 2007

Queen of the Sky - A380

This A380 is a beauty. Come 28 Oct 2007, Singapore Airlines will be the first in the world to fly this plane, hailed as the largest passenger plane in the world. In market analysis, this is usually seen as a great opportunity for airlines to promote their brand by being the first to market. No doubt SQ will be taking the chance to go big on publicity. Singapore, small in size but big in visibility. Be prepared to see news flashes of the event worldwide. The interior is also attractive. Just see the pictures, taken from Singapore Airlines.

Just like the train cabins

A place to lie down flat. I like this.

A Mirror to see whether one can slow down aging by flying luxuriously

This is lovely. Very romantic setting.

Then there are the business class seats.

This is really comfortable.

I like the lighting

Book lovers will love this posture

See the large LCD screens?

Now for the rest of us.

After seeing the luxurious cabins, these look very rudimentary.

There is a big difference between first class private suites and the economy seats. Point is, if you want the goodies, be prepared to pay.

- Singapore Airlines A380 website
- Airbus website
- Singapore Airlines website
- AsiaOne website
- Today's New York Times article


Anonymous said...

Just curious....why do you want to advertise for SIA on your blog?


YAPdates said...

no reason. simply enjoying the plane. just like if i enjoy coke, does that mean i am advertising for coke? if you choose to see it from your advertising standpoint, that is your choice.


Anonymous said...

Do they give sample tickets?

YAPdates said...

Ha Ha. That's funny. Don't ask me as I have no idea about those details.

Nice try.

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