Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Regent College Grand Celebration

"The wind tower art glass installation complements the dynamic lines of the tower, and acts as a visible expression of Regent College’s spiritual mission. The south-facing façade will collect solar energy during the day, and use this energy for illumination at night, acting as a welcoming beacon for the UBC community.

At the heart of the design is a majestic column of light, flowing like a waterfall in silvery blues, violet and white. Arranged within this column is dichroic glass which presents an ever-changing rainbow of colour to the viewer. Woven within and through the flowing waterfall of light is the Lord’s Prayer, written in Aramaic."
(Sarah Hall)

On Sep 29th-30th 2007, Regent College's "Writing a New Chapter" campaign officially comes to a close. It is termed a celebration weekend to reflect the entire college's gratitude to God for providing the financial donations through donors and well-wishers. Who says Canada is spiritually impoverished? There are many individuals, even organizations who believe in the Regent vision and mission.

On Saturday, there were several faculty members who gave a 30-minute lecture on their vocation, their passion and their mission in life through Regent College. The strong faculty representation includes Eugene Peterson, John Stackhouse, Darrell Johnson, Rikk Watts, Paul Williams, Ross Hastings and several others. Sarah Hall was also there to explain her design of the wind tower.

On Sunday, I participated in the morning service at Regent. Every entity was represented, with me representing the part of students. It is a deep honour for me to step up to lead everyone in the reading of the Apostle's Creed. My focus was on uniting everybody. This is my lead up prior to the initial reading.

The world tells us that we are all different. Many people, including Christians say to each other, You have your opinion, and I have mine, so let us all agree to disagree. The truth is, we all have more in common than there are differences. Let us stand to read the Apostles' Creed.
Several individuals came up to me to express appreciation for what I have done. I was touched as I see them blessed by God. That moment, I realize in my heart the meaning of Ps 133.
How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! (Ps 133:1)

I came across several links that talks about the event.
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Mark Petersen said...


Thanks for your role at the service - I was there and remember your leading the Creed. Thanks also for highlighting Sarah's work on your blog - I love that tower...


Steve Caruso said...

As a serious Aramaic enthusiast and researcher, I believe that Sarah's work is nothing less than breathtaking.

It is an environmentally responsible, well-researched, beautiful work of art, and it truly adds magnificence to the Regent College campus.

Steve Caruso
Translator & Artisan, Aramaic Designs
Author, The Aramaic Blog

YAPdates said...

Thank you Mark and Steve for your comments. Enjoying that tower, a human creation, makes us even more amazed about the Creator behind all of this. Thanks for being a part of Regent College.


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