Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow in Vancouver (Day 2)

Snow is heavy today. We avoided traveling too far out, except to a
nearby Church. Sometimes, it is not how careful we drive, but how
careless others drive. Accidents do happen in the most unexpected
situations. There was a Toyota Prius that crashed along University Blvd
today. The front was totally snashed up against a tree. It had a
California license plate. Poor lady. We spent the day eating hot-food
followed by more ski-dooing. The kids loved it. Good clean fun.
Short Video clip of the falling snow

Two hearts. Nice
Outside University Chapel

Regent College in Winter

Let it snow . Let it snow. Let it snow....

Nice to have a cuppa on a cold snowy day

This is mini-'Whistler' free at University Village

View from Staples

Snowman. Sorry, no carrot.

See my kids doing their ski-dooing.
Aaron trying out his super duper ski-boarding.

See how Clarissa fare



Anonymous said...

Oh...we miss the snow..I mean playing in the snow. Andrea would have love it! She has totally forgotten how snow felt like...

Yee Ling said...

Not sure what I click. Didn't sign off as Albert & Yee Ling

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