Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Million Thank-Yous

Someone sent me this. The Bible says, "In everything give thanks." (1 Thess 5:18) But this is taking it a little too far........
Really funny, but after a while, it gets on your nerves. See how many "Thank yous" can you tolerate? (Hint: for maximum effect, turn on your speakers)

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Rosie Perera said...

Good point. The more times we say something, the more insincere we sound. Here is an illustration given years ago by my pastor, Earl Palmer. Consider how you feel when you receive a Christmas card from a friend. It's nice to be remembered and stay in touch. But then what happens if you get a second Christmas card from that same friend. Well, you can forgive the mistake once. Perhaps they forgot to check off your name on their Christmas card list. But then you receive a third one the very same week. Now you're beginning to doubt the sincerity of your so-called friend. You realize you're just an entry in his computer-generated Christmas card list, and something has gone haywire and it keeps sending you another Christmas card every day. That's the same way people feel if we don't really mean what we say but just say it over and over. Christians should strive for authenticity in our speech and relationships. Let our yes be yes and our no be no. We need not say something over and over to get the intent across. The "million thank-yous" joke shows the extreme opposite of this. Even "I love you" can be perverted this way if it is said too many times without thinking or without proving it in actions.

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