Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a morning adventure

It is a beautiful morning. I open the doors to welcome the beautiful sunlight into the house; The cool air breezes in, along with some uninvited flies. I take in gratefully the fresh air. Sitting back on my chair with a coffee mug in my hand, I heard a noise. There is a hustle, and a bustle. Out pops a chipmunk-like animal with a dangling bushy tail. The black eyes look suspiciously at the surroundings.

It looked to the east, there was the TV;
It glanced to the south, it was the sofa;
It stared at the west and saw me.

I stand up and approach the suspicious mammal. Instinctively the rodent leaps on top of the box near the TV. I move toward the creature, shooing it simultaneously.

It runs to the curtain, dead end;
It runs to the corridor, looks like a scary tunnel
It runs to the kitchen, 'now i need a GPS' says the little furry thingie.
It runs under the kitchen table, debating between food or capture.

Quietly, I slide open the door and draw the curtain. With hand signals that I hope is universally understood by anyone in the animal kingdom, I motion toward the open door. With a final shoo, the tiny blackie scampers away, onto the black mat and into the green grass.

"I came to this strange place to look for nuts, and all I see is this human wearing something funny running around and chasing me all over, who only knows one word, 'shoo.' " says the squirrel clearly annoyed.

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