Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Dying Wish That Never Dies

This is a touching story of a 11-year old boy who died of leukemia last Friday (Nov 21st, 2008). Perhaps as some of us head into Thanksgiving Day, wondering what to be thankful about during depressing times like these, remember that it does not take a big wallet to be thankful. One only needs a big heart. This video can bring a tear to some viewers. Rest assured, it is a tear that is worth shedding.

There is also a CNN edition. More photos and videos can be found here.

So my friends, if an 11 year old Brendan Foster, who struggles with a debilitating illness, can't those of us who are healthy and able do more? Forget about the bailout talks going on to help Wall Street and Main Street. Forget about the worries over job losses and bills to be paid. Such worries only help add oil to the flames of fear. Instead, put on compassion. Wear the clothes of grace and the shoes of peace. Don the hat of sharing and goodwill. As much as we receive, give generously. Do not only do the tangible things. Remember, for many of us, a word of encouragement and forgiveness can help touch hearts more than anything else. One does not necessarily need to be tough in order to survive rough times. Simply being a good neighbour everywhere we go helps take the venom out of bites of fear. Do not depend on bailouts or handouts to feel better. Instead, let sharing and caring be the hallmarks of our faith in God, in hope for the kingdom to eventually touch all creation.


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