Friday, November 28, 2008

Life Without Limbs but not without Hope

Each of us sometimes dream of an ideal life, sometimes an ideal lifestyle. What if one fine day, we lose the very ability to achieve our goal under 'normal circumstances,; let alone eat with our hands, or walk with our legs? What happens when we fall down not once, but over and over again? What do we do? Very often, we talk about what our strengths are and plan our vocation according to our forte. How many of us become motivated because of our lack, and inspires others through our weaknesses? Not many. Check out this video of Nick Vujicic from Australia, who started a ministry of hope (called 'Life Without Limbs',) and whose life easily shames those people constantly deep in self-pity, apathy and selfishness. More importantly, we see how a man's faith moved him to focus on others rather than self.

More videos can be found here and here.


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