Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Theological Training (free!)

During these tough economic situations, there are still some places which charitably offer an online theological education without charge. My seminary, Gordon-Conwell is one of them. The "Dimensions of the Faith" program is free for anyone to take online. You will need to create an account here. You can then get 10 dimension courses which you can follow. Upon completion of each module, you can take an exam and after 10 exams, you get a free Certificate! However, it will be difficult to work on it alone, so if you are really keen to start and finish the course, better get a study partner or a study group.

A second site is Biblical Training, which does not offer a certificate but comprises good lectures. Several of them are from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as well.

Do pray for Gordon-Conwell which is currently going through tough financial challenges.


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