Saturday, January 03, 2009

Seattle New Year Fireworks 2009

Our family spent the New Year over in Seattle. Much less snow compared to Vancouver. We had a great time simply 'chilling' it out. The fireworks display capped off the holidays with a spectacular performance from the world-famous Seattle Space Needle. At least, lots of people can see the fireworks from a distance.
All's calm before the fireworks...

Looks like pink-string lightning @ Seattle Space Needle

Fireworks Display blossoming the dark rainy sky...

Beautiful sparks in the night

Video 1 of the Fireworks

Video 2 of the Seattle Fireworks

Video 3 (spurious sparks out of the Space Needle)


Rosie Perera said...

Aweseome fireworks! I lived in Seattle for 11+ years and never knew they had such a great New Year's Eve fireworks display. Maybe it's new since I moved up to Vancouver. I'd seen the Fourth of July Fireworks from a barge in Lake Union before. Those were pretty nice. But firing them from the Space Needle. Wow!

YAPdates said...

Yes. It's awesome. There were several hiccups at last year's display, but this year they managed to pull it off pretty well.

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