Monday, March 23, 2009

Very Creative Video

Everybody loves a good story. Especially those that move from rags-to-riches; from gloom-to-boom; and those that rise from the ashes of desperation to resurrect flashes of bright anticipation. This video "Markbyben", is created by Ben Gullet, a 14-year old son of Mark Gullet, former Marketing VP of Tampa Bay's NHL hockey team. The marketing brilliance and ingenuity from father to son, is exemplified by this innovative job-hunt clip. Even during these hard economic times, jobs are still available out there, but only the fittest, creative and diligent ones find them. At the time of this blog posting, news agencies have reported thousands of website hits and a couple of job offers as well. Simply do a search on the Internet for "Mark By Ben."

Elements of a good story, which I shall coin "EXPERT":
  • E = Element of Suspense
  • X = X factor, a mystery
  • P = Progression of thought
  • E = Engaging Audience toward a desired outcome
  • R = Relationship of Plot to the Actor(s)
  • T = Touches the Heart
This video shows flashes of brilliance in all of them.

Ben, hope your dad gets a good job, and thanks for the creative ideas.


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