Monday, June 01, 2009

Leave That Lady Alone

Leave Susan Boyle alone. That is my call to the press, the paparazzi and all those pesky busy-bodies. It seems like every major media group has picked up on this surprised result (Susan Boyle did not win Britain's Got Talent), and continues to shine a spotlight on her being 'weak' and not able to withstand pressure when she was hospitalized. The press all over the world is reporting this new like crazy.
  • The New York Times;
  • The Los Angeles Times;
  • The Telegraph;
  • Asia1 (Singapore)....
  • and many more...
Google news recorded more than 1700 news articles on her hospitalization alone. That's a lot of publicity. Enough is enough. Leave Susan Boyle alone. We should all play our part. If we say we love Susan's amazing story, let's do the best for her right now. In your special ways, ask the press to back off.

Who Lost?
In a nutshell, I believe Susan Boyle did not lose. The over-enthusiastic hyped-up minds lost.
Gamblers who bet on her winning lost. The world intent on a fairty-tale-ending, lost. Susan just wanted to do her best, and in that sense she won. She is already a winner since that sensational first wow entry into stardom. Yes, fame has its costs. Popularity exacts a huge demand on anyone who garner millions of hits on Youtube. Yet, let us not forget that Susan, like all of us is still human. Anyone of us, put under the constant spotlight and subject to continuous media onslaught will eventually break down. When a person throws his or her tantrums in front of the camera, it does not mean that person is bad tempered or not able to control himself or herself. Let us not forget the contexts which caused it all. The bamboo may be of a strong material. Put excessive pressure on it and it too will break. Point is, anything or anyone can break. Just apply the pressure. I join with Piers Mogan, one of the judges of Britain's Got Talent in saying: "Leave Susan Boyle Alone!"



Rosie Perera said...

Agreed! Thus, I'm puzzled as to why you provided links to those news articles about her latest misfortune. Doesn't that just perpetuate the unhealthy fascination with her personal life?

YAPdates said...

I actually thought about it for quite a while, and was straddling between providing references as convenience vs trying to avoid additional publicity. I've removed the links.


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