Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Heat Record!

Sweltering heat! A new record has been set for Vancouver BC, at 34 degrees Celsius (93F). I could not even do my normal work. It is said that today will be the hottest (VancouverSun). Even with help of the friendly trees surrounding my house, the heat is still very uncomfortable. Heat practically emanates from the ground surface, as if they are solar heat generators. I have experienced high 34-35 degree heat before back in the Far East. Yet, I find 34 degrees rather hard to handle, given the thinner Northern atmosphere.

However, take comfort, my dear friends in Vancouver. Soldiers in Iraq have to carry heavy gear on their bodies on top of higher than 38 degree C (100F) (USAToday). Some of the top 10 cool tips I have for taking the heat cheerfully are listed below. You can let me know if you have more recommendations.
  1. WATER: Drink lots of It.
  2. FREQUENCY: Take care to drink water more frequently
  3. LOTION: Put some UV lotion to avoid sun-burn
  4. SHOWER: Take a nice cold shower. If you have access to a swimming pool, use it.
  5. LIBRARY: Go to the Library.
  6. OFFICE: Stay in the air-conditioned office
  7. ICE-CREAM: Have a nice cone. I prefer the Popsicle.
  8. SLOW DOWN: This helps moderate heat from inside our bodies
  9. PRAY: Ask the LORD for a cool relief at periodic times of the day.
  10. MALL: Go to a shopping mall. Enjoy the cool atmosphere.
Above all, try to stay cool emotionally and not do stupid things because of the heat, like blaring our loud music to disturb the peace, impatience at the traffic and rude behaviour when outside. Stay cool by simply going slow. Trust that it not only helps our neighbours, it will also help us.

Now let me take my kids for a cool walk to the library, then the mall. Cannot do much work in the heat.


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