Monday, August 31, 2009

Hosanna! (led by Brooke Ligertwood)

Let's take a moment. This is my current favorite rendition of the song 'Hosanna,' led by Brooke Ligertwood. . . . . Let's worship.

The Fine Details:

  • Seamless flow
  • Audience sang with one voice; they seemed to know the words well;
  • Music Accompaniment does not drown out the voices;
  • One can sense the flow of worship;
  • Lighting effects;
  • Hands up together;
  • The Song leader, Brooke Ligertwood actually leads.

This might be a small glimpse of one kind of worship in heaven. Important to note that we are not supposed to parrot after such styles. The key is the Holy Spirit moving in the hearts of people in churches wherever they are. Hillsong did what they did best. We too should do what we do best, with whatever we have.


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