Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Top 100 Church Blogs" (Sep 4, 2009)

Here is a compiled list of Top 100 Church blogs by ChurchRevelance. The list is primarily based on web-statistics extracted from popular page rank organizations. Looking at the selection, I cannot help but feel that some of these blogs are not exactly the institutional-church-type that one may be led to think. Some are private bloggers (Michael Hyatt, Tim Challies) while others are doing it as part of their organizational reach (like desiringgod). Perhaps it ought to be called "Christian" or even "Top 100 Blogs from a Christian Perspective." From a theological point of view, I agree with Shaffer. From a popular view, maybe a more inclusive title will help.

Anyway, thanks to Kent Shaffer, we have a pretty good list of websites that we can journey with. Many of these sites are new to me, so I do appreciate such a listing.


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