Monday, September 14, 2009

A Warm Gesture from Pixar

There are good gestures done by businesses that deserves mention. I hope to use this blog to highlight good works done happening around the world. This is the story of Pixar and 10-year old cancer patient. (link)

Pixar Animation company, upon learning of a cancer-stricken girl from Huntington California was too weak to watch the newly released Pixar-Disney movie "UP" at the theatres, they (Pixar) took action. Since the DVD version of the movie was yet to be released, and there is no way to stretcher the girl to a public theatre on June 9th 2009, a private viewing was arranged. A Pixar employee was flown in with a copy of the DVD for a private screening, fulfilling the dying wish of 10-year old Colby Curtin. Incidentally, Colby died 7 hours after hearing her mum describe the movie to her during the screening. I think such warm gestures deserve to be recognized. Bravo Pixar!

Further Ponderings
Why should anyone wait till the last minute to fulfill a dying wish? Why should we wait for a terrible illness to happen before performing a good deed? I suppose if we learn to live each day and each moment as if it is our last, to do good works, this world will be a much better place for everyone to live in.


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