Friday, November 13, 2009

Focus on Marriage series

Here is a list of video messages from Gary Thomas, one of my favourite Regent alumni authors. Ever since "Sacred Pathways," I have been enjoying his books of the 'Sacred' theme. Some of the messages below are adapted from his book "Sacred Marriage." Enjoy learning with me from the videos below.

1) How Does Marriage Grow Us Closer in Our Walk With God? (link)
Marriage does not end in itself. There is more in a good Christian marriage.

2) Why is a good marriage not something you find, it's something you cultivate? (link)
The problem is not couples choosing to grow apart. The problem is they did not choose to grow together. In other words, doing nothing with a marriage is a way of growing apart.

3) How is perseverance in our walk with God related to our marriage? (link)
Hang in there. It is the perseverance and commitment in every marriage that is essential for faith. Like the parable of the 4 soils. It is by perseverance that good fruit comes.

4) For couples who are struggling, how can they stay committed in their marriage? (link)
Marriage is a choice. Virtually every couple re-evaluates whether their decision to marry is wrong. This is a universal feeling at some point in every marriage. Remember that as much as a marriage seems to grow apart, it is equally (or more) possible for it to grow back together. One does not need to 'kill' the marriage. It just means we need to work on the marriage. What God has put together, let no one put asunder.

5) What is one of the biggest stumbling blocks in many marriages? (link)
Will you believe it? It is by putting kids first. The best parents are those who recognize they are firstly a husband/wife before they are father/mother. Like a tree, Christ is the root, marriage is like a trunk to hold the children (branches).

6) What is the value in a couple having a sacred history together? (link)
It is one chance to write a story together.


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