Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Chrome OS

Google is slowly but surely dominating the Internet and poses a big threat to traditional businesses. This initiative called Google Chrome OS looks promising. It aims at people who:
  • are Netbook users
  • Mainly surfs the Internet or do work online;
  • Always has an internet connectivity;
  • Uses mainly (or only) the browser to do work;
  • Cheap and super-fast bootup.
  • Wants something light, simple and open source
If you are a mobile user, who uses a computer mainly to check emails or do work on the Internet, and want a cheap and easy to carry computer device, perhaps Google Chrome OS will interest you. This is the "Operating System" and not the no-frills browser only program. Requiring only a solid state memory on the Netbook-type size computer, the Chrome browser is the operating system. Period.

Everything that one uses to do offline can now be done online. This concept video will show you more.

1) Easy to understand Concept Demo of Chrome OS (link)

I find this video very clear and quite convinced of the benefit of a quick and light browser OS. It is a 'totally rethought computer' for the user who uses mainly or only the Internet.

2) Amazing 7 seconds bootup! (Mountainview Debut)

Presented by the Google Product team, this demo showcases an amazing 7 seconds bootup time for the computer to get ready for our Internet work. They are looking to improve that too! Cool.

3) First Look of Google Chrome OS (link)

This is an interesting take on the Chrome OS from an early user perspective.

My Comments
This is a shrewd move by Google. They are correct that many users nowadays use the Internet for their work. It is also true that the operating system is not that useful if all a person does is Internet work. After all, if most of the time we use browser only as our sole application, why not have only the necessary to support this browser? Since most applications are now online, we do not need to install other programs on our small computer gadget. Imagine saving money on:
  • Ever expanding hard-disk requirements or backup; (store in online)
  • Buying expensive Office Apps; (there's online apps)
  • Investing in antivirus; (scanning available online)
  • Maximum battery life (Google netbook uses solid state memories as alternative to hard disk);
  • Minimum apps (simple)
That will truly be a cash saver. However, the main problem is that the way to use the computer is when one is online. What happens if the inspiration comes, but the internet is offline? I suppose that this idea can work only if the Internet is always available, like in a corporate office environment with Internet connectivity redundancy. This being the biggest weakness in the Google Chrome OS project, I believe that they will eventually have some offline capability. Watch this project carefully. It is quite promising. Perhaps, if such a project becomes popular, we may be able to buy a Google Netbook at Dollar shops one day!



4inkjets coupon code said...

I am using Windows XP SP-2.But now I want to change the OS.So which one is best Google Chrome,Windows 7 or Linux?

YAPdates said...

Stick to XP, unless you have a good reason to change.

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